Some of you may know that once upon a time I used to post some of my fiction on the internet on various websites. I’m in the process now of deleting a bunch of old stories- things that, honestly, I don’t want the public to see anymore because they don’t reflect who I am as a writer right now (I still have PDFs of everything, though, so if you’re REALLY interested in reading some old stuff, send me a message).

So I went through and decided to add up the reads that some of my stories have received over the years on various websites.

Between a handful of stories, dozens of chapters, and hundreds of thousands of words, and posting on a few different websites, everything I’ve written has received a total of 130,394 reads.

One-hundred thirty thousand, three hundred ninety-four.

That is insane. I mean it’s absolutely insanity to me to think about the number because I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this more than anything else for the past eight years, and it’s crazy to think how many people have read something I’ve written.

I don’t think words quite describe the feeling.